Individual Coaching:


In  general, a coaching process with me runs as follows:


*You contact me via e-mail (contact form) and describe your concern.

I will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the further procedure with you.


Usually my conversations with you take place outside your usual environment (e.g. during a walk, a coffee etc).

I do not charge hourly rates. An appointment with you lasts as long as we need to reach the daily goal.


I usually support you over a period of several weeks, and I am in contact with you during this period. I guide you on the way to your goal.

We will have a phone meeting or a Zoom meeting one to at least two times a week (due to Covid 19, there is unfortunately no other way at the moment), depending on the "wish" or target set.

During our "time together" I am available for short questions, or in case of "emergency" via the known messenger services.


 As I have mentioned several times, coaching with me includes the whole process:

LifeCoaching, Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity as well as Quantum Physics, as I personally believe that these topics cannot be separated from each other.

If you are not sure if I am the right person for you, please contact me anyway. This is the only way to let you know if I can support you.


Thanks for your confidence


Your first contact with the description of your concern is of course completely without obligation. You will not be invoiced for the first meeting. 



Group coaching/lecture


In a group coaching the max. number of participants should not exceed 12. I ask you to take this into consideration.

The procedure to the appointment of the group coaching is similar to the individual coaching.

Also for group coaching I need an email in advance with your desired topics and goals.

After receiving your email, I will contact you asap to discuss everything else with you.


I am looking forward to your message