why a network?

A network is extremely important from my point of view. Because I am working holitically and all of us wanted to guide you to the way of your goals.


Because we all work with different "methods", we really complement each other very well. 

We are in contact with each other and exchange information at regular intervals. Whereby I am the interface of all. And I can assure you of one thing at this point: I know everyone in this network personally, and I am 100% convinced of each individual.

Michael Füß is an incredibly empathetic and responsive to the patients osteopath. Whereby Michael can do much more and is more. I am incredibly grateful and proud to have Michael in my network. 


Josef Kornwachs, M.D.

Dr. Kornwachs is a doctor who treats holistically. Although scientifically trained, he orients himself, to treatment methods that have been tried and tested for centuries. 


Heidi Adrian I know personally very well. She is a wonderful woman who, in addition to yoga classes, among other things, offers everything around your personal well-being and relaxation. Heidi has additionally completed the training as a spiritual healer at the end of November 2020.


Esther Füß is an empathic, life-affirming woman, whose eyes alone already ensure that a person's heart opens. Esther is trained in the field of morphic field reading and thus able to recognize ("read") possible causes (issues) to then work out the solution together with you.


I was also allowed to get to know Thorsten Adrian personally. Thorsten is a certified tarot consultant and also a very wonderful person.


Pic by Lucas Pezeta /Pexels