We live in a time when success and achievement are measured in terms of material goals. Most people have internalized this idea and therefore always look to the next event, whether physical or mental, without caring about what is current. Mindfulness helps us integrate mind and body and appreciate life.


The most important goal of mindfulness is to achieve a healthy state of mind that allows clear insight into the nature of reality.


In the business world, untrained, unfocused managers tend to be responsible for wasteful, unproductive results. Managers who focus on the present are more likely to remain calm and productive in the face of change and challenge.


In doing so, people who practice mindfulness are able to reduce tension, worry and resentment because they are no longer fixated on the past or the future. We live peacefully in every moment without wishing it were otherwise.


When we let go of our judgment, we no longer carry the burden of living in multiple spaces at once. The subsequent unity of mind, intellect and body helps us to live a life that is more fulfilling, richer and more satisfying in every way.