The first step to success is defining what success means to you.



Modern life is incredibly stressful, fast-paced and often overwhelming. The innovative and refreshing approach of life coaching is a welcome change from invasive therapies that have been popular in the past.


Unlike therapy, life coaching does not dive deep into repressed memories, and it does not involve complex terminology or psychology. So I don't open "cans" but we go from your NOW together into YOUR FUTURE


When we live a life that doesn't align with our values, we feel drained because we always have that nagging feeling that something doesn't feel right. In fact, even the choices we make may not feel right because of the inner conflict.


I can help you to analyze and examine your life, address work-life balance issues, or even help you first recognize that there is a work-life balance problem.

I help you focus on your future, I motivate you to pursue your passion and dreams.

I help you discover your personal values  (about which we are often completely unclear). This will give you the opportunity to achieve your goals in harmony with your values.


In conclusion:


Life coaching does for your mind what personal training does for your body.



One thing should be clear to each of you: a life coach, and also me with my work especially in the field of neuroplasticity does not replace any medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. But I can support you in this. And that very gladly even.