about me:

Some of you already know me from the film and TV business. And if you don't, that's not a bad thing indeed.


I will introduce myself to you shortly:

I am Susanne Jokiel, living in the wonderful Chiemgau and have decided to transfer my acquired knowledge. Officially; and no longer in the quiet chamber.

I was in the military for thirteen years, I am a trained medical assistant, paramedic and trained psychological first aider. Furthermore, I am a business economist with a specialization in human resources management.

Then in 2020, I added degrees via online study in the US in LifeCoaching (ICF-Certified), Mindfulness, as well as Neuroplasticity.

Since January 2021, I began studying alternative medicine at Quantum University of Hawaii to obtain my doctorate degree as well as my PhD in addition. 


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I am a type of person who likes to laugh a lot. Most of all about myself, because I really can call almost any blunder my own.

I love nature and try to walk regularly and as often as possible. I also incredibly like mountain biking, road biking and often go hiking. (and no, I'm not a super athlete..... quite the opposite).

Creatively, I enjoy photography, and I love to read.

my Story:

For years I have been studying neuroscience, quantum physics, the law of attraction, and the power of thought.

During my research, I also noticed the effects on the human body.

Stress and negative thoughts can make you ill..... they say. And indeed, this has also been scientifically proven.

And so I ask you the question: if negative thoughts and feelings, as well as stress, down-regulate your immune system, and you become ill as a result..... why should it NOT be possible to strengthen your immune system through the power of thought.....? ?!

It is possible. And even scientifically proven.

Of course, I have experimented on myself with meditations, the law of attraction, quantum physics and neuroscience*..... and believe me, it works. Very well, in fact. 

Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this profession. 

I am the type of person who can only offer something if he stands 100% behind what is offered. 

*without medicinal or narcotic influences

My mission

I have firmly resolved to support people: 

with the:

  • Goal setting
  • Achievement of personal and / or professional goals
  • change of consciousness
  • finding inner balance

or simply as

  • Mentor, 
  • Idea giver
  • companion,
  • listener,
  • supporter

Sometimes it can just be the view from the exterior on something specific....... (work processes, communication etc)


With my work I often see, already during my sessions and especially after "goal achievement" bright eyes.

And if I succeed in making a lot of people a little happier and more satisfied with my work, my profession, then I have achieved what is my overall goal:


I would like to make this world a little bit more pleasant, friendly and loving, and thereby manage to make this world a better place for all of us.