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Applying Quantum Biofeedback and physical exercises to harmonize the energy of the spine, as well as the organs and emotional trauma in order to restore and balance the human being with chronic health conditions


Susanne Jokiel, BHS

International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine

Date: September 9, 2023


Dr. Agata Janikula, DNM, Ph.D

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Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements.

for the degrees of Masters/Doctorate/PhD

in the Department of Integrative Medicine and Natural Medicine

in the Graduate School of

International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine



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This dissertation presents the transformative potential of integrating Quantum Biofeedback, using the Genius Insight Health APP, and artificial intelligence-generated physical exercises to address chronic health conditions and restore balance in individuals. In a 26 day trial.

In our fast-paced world, where chronic health issues are increasingly prevalent, innovative and holistic approaches are imperative. Conventional medicine often focuses solely on alleviating symptoms in chronically ill individuals, prescribing medication that entails side effects and the potential for dangerous dependency. This approach leaves individuals feeling unheard and burdened both psychologically and physically.

Furthermore, there is a lack of unified definition for "chronically ill," resulting in high costs for insurance companies, employers, and individuals. Driven by intuitive considerations, this dissertation aims to debunk the myth of quantum medicine in Germany and provide healthcare providers with alternative methodologies for chronically ill individuals. Drawing upon the principles of quantum physics and acknowledging the mind-body connection, spinal energy, and emotional traumas in alignment with the German New Medicine, this research demonstrates the efficacy of utilizing energetic frequencies through Quantum Biofeedback and incorporating physical exercises.

Despite being limited by financial and personnel constraints, the study showed remarkable improvements in the energetic field of 7 out of 9 participants. Additionally, scoliosis was completely resolved in 8 out of 9 participants. Participants consistently reported a significant increase in physical and mental energy levels.

The research emphasizes the significance of a holistic approach to patient care and offers valuable insights into managing chronic diseases. Despite facing constraints in funding and

 personnel, the results demonstrate the potential of integrating Quantum Biofeedback and physical exercises. Future research could further fortify the evidence base.


In conclusion, using Quantum Biofeedback and physical exercises for harmonizing spinal energy, organs, and emotional trauma offers a holistic approach to rebalance individuals with chronic health conditions, promising improved well-being and potential benefits.